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The Capstone Project

What Is The Capstone Project?

In the Global Studies Diploma Program, all students must complete a holistic research project on a topic that relates to the program's core themes. In the project, students are tasked with a research paper and two additional products of their choice. In completing the Capstone Project, students meet the necessary requirements for the Global Studies Program Diploma.

My Capstone Project

The Capstone Project provided me with nearly unlimited creative freedom, leaving me with a great responsibility. If I wanted to make an eye-catching project, I was going to need an eye-catching topic. I bounced from idea to idea before finally, it hit me. 'Fungi!' I thought, as memories of peculiar articles I had seen as headliners about 'Mushroom Medicine' emerged as images in my mind. So, for my topic I chose to research, Fungi's possible applications in bioremediation, biotechnology, and medication. 

this topic became particularly interesting due to the possible outreach fungi-driven technology may provide for communities most affected by climate change. These communities oftentimes fall short technologically due to poverty, which also negates the ability to afford advanced modern-day medications. Through my three products, I hope to highlight vigorous research performed by scientists and mycologists, showing the potential to use fungi as a tool to drive human and environmental preservation. I also hope to drive a shift in the reliance on industry based solutions to natural conflicts, such as bioremediation. 

My Products

Research Paper

For my first product, I was tasked with writing a research paper about my topic. I enjoyed this process thoroughly, learning lots of new information about all three subject areas of my topic. My favorite of the three to write about was certainly the section about bioremediation. I was able to learn so much about not only my specific topic but also bioremediation as a whole. As climate change, natural disasters, and biological threats such as oil spills continue to affect modern life, bioremediation will only become more important. If you are curious about bioremediation, biotechnology, or the use of psilocybin in modern medicine, click the link above!


For my second product, I chose to make an infographic teaching people how to create an environmentally retentive tool called the bio-box. The bio-box uses fungal mycelia, household items, and compost to combat environmental pollutants in soil cost-effectively. I created this infographic with the hope that others print out a few copies to spread throughout their communities. My goal is that with the production of these Bio-boxes, more communities will be able to cleanse soils around my state directly or even the Country. This would lead to more fertile, pure soil, which benefits a list of plants, animals, and microorganisms--Including you! I created the infographic with the help of, which is a free infographic creation platform. Click the link above to view my Infographic, and don't forget to share the infographic!

Bio-Box Tutorial

For my third and final product, I decided to create an instructional video to complement my Bio-Box infographic. The video shows how to make a Bio-Box using the steps shown in the Infographic. Making a Bio-Box is extremely easy to do, and having a step-by-step tutorial to follow along with will ensure your box carries out its intended purpose. The video itself is only over five minutes long, making for a quick watch. Feel free to follow along as I make my Bio-Box!

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